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...built-in To Do List replacement

CanDo is a task management application which has been designed to help enhance personal productivity by providing a clean and customisable interface to your task lists.

A key design goal is to allow you to see what next actions could be done in a range of contexts without clutter.

CanDo is a replacement for the standard Palm built-in To Do List application; however, it retains compatibility by sharing the same database.

This means you can switch between the built-in application and CanDo at any time, and you can continue to use the standard Palm Desktop application on your PC.

Some examples of the features supported by CanDo are:

  • configurable hardware button key cycling;
  • filtering by date and/or priority;
  • saved Views for storing customised settings;
  • grouping categories under one or more umbrella categories; and
  • additional preferences for task creation.
CanDo aims to provide the flexibility to support your own style of organising and managing tasks rather than impose any pre-defined "system". In effect, you create your own system by customising CanDo to your preferred style of working, saving multiple views, and quickly switching between them as required.

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