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CanDo: powerful task list management on your PalmOS handheld!

- Overwhelmed by your "to do" lists on your PalmOS handheld?
- Can't see the "urgent" hidden amongst the "important"?

... try CanDo and benefit from ...
  • Powerful filtering and sorting
    Filter your tasks by priority, date range, and/or keyword.
    Sort alphabetically by Description.
  • Multiple named "views"
    Rapidly switch between saved settings, and reopen in a chosen category.
  • Umbrella categories
    Group related categories together in one list.
  • Task management
    Manage tasks more easily using the enhanced details dialog and review an entire list within the details dialog using the up/down button.

[ see user guide & screenshots ]

CanDo is available for download as a free 30 day trial. You can purchase a registration code for CanDo at the buy online page.
09-Aug-2009 CanDo v1.6 BETA-02 is available here.

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